Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One last time... and for the record.

"Always forgive your enemies... nothing annoys them so much."
Oscar Wilde

This is for clarification, as my last blog involving Gabi was emotional.

I dont like being called a liar, when I was younger people would ask me where my dad was. I would tell them he had killed himself, and they would call me a liar. I know why I hate being called a liar, and now I can deal with it better. I still get emotional about it, and it brings back some pretty painful memories.

Okay so... for the last time.
I was never paid in full by Gabi. I wrote in a thread, containing pictures of me that I was not paid in full for, that I was never paid.

The site,, asked for proof from Gabi.

She posted my contract with her, from way back in October. It included my personal email, phone number, legal name and signature... oh and my home address. Not once... but twice.
You can click on these pictures to read what they say, and yes I did blur out my personal information.

Gabi is going to stick around because she pays them, and works for them. They are her webmasters. When I asked to have her removed they told me she lacked judgment, and made a mistake- this has happened before. They suggested I seek a civil suit against her.

During this time I had many phone calls, and some where threatening in manner. A woman named Sammie helped me by letting me know where my personal info had been leaked.

I immediately called the police, and immediately put a flag on my Social Security number and my accounts... everything.

The police asked me about last October, when I had called the police on Gabi. I no longer wanted to work for her, as she owed me money * she owed me at least 50 bucks.* and kept calling me to harass me at all hours. I told them back in October I felt threatened and they saw one text from her, where she threatened to post my personal info online- because I refused to talk to her.
I was sick of being harassed, and I wanted to make more then 25 bucks a set.

The police told me and her back in October to leave each other alone, and due to the contract it was a civil suit at that point. She had some of her models send me messages about how if I apologize, Gabi might let me work for her again. I was angry, and made a poor choice to repsond in a thread about me, with my pictures I was never paid for.

I do not have seller's remorse. I was never paid in full, so technically I gave her the permission to use my pictures without compensation. I know I signed a contract, I am saying I was never paid in full.

I wrote my blog to explain to people that Gabi threatened to do exactly what she did.
I wanted people to know that webmasters are willing to do whatever site owners ask.
Also, so people knew this was not the only time something like this has happened.

I had a personal vendetta against Gabi, at that point. I wanted her to feel as hurt and sad and alone and scared as I was feeling. I do not like her. I hung out with her 3 times and each time I kept looking at the clock. She ripped me off, and fucked me over.

Even after all that I still wished her no harm, after I vented in my blogs. I let the emotions out, and yes it was public. I wanted those people who have been taken advantage of know that I was as being screwed by her... and they were not alone.

She is not a great person. She went on vacation, and then came back complaining about needing money. She is so business driven she never apologized for posting my personal info online. She just calls me a liar, crazy and tells people I exaggerate.
She also has no proof of anything... and says that people believe me because I am pretty.

Just like she didn't write that blog... someone got to see my pictures for free, and wrote that for her. I know her, I have read everything she has written... she can not write like that.

Even after insulting me, after ripping me off... after failing to apologize... I still stood up for her.

I have never allowed anyone to post it on fantasyfeeder. I am a moderator there, and to let that happen... to let people bully her there would not be right. I threw away a few threads, and had to post this several times in the mod-forum.
I also moderate pictures, and every time she posts a new picture or video I would make sure no one is posting mean things about her... every time. I leave comments like... "Gabi gets low rating because girls are jealous..." I delete ones that say " you really fucked over amatrix."

I never linked my blog to anything. I said people had the right to re-post that and let other models know this has happened. I did link it to my personal facebook, and that is how I ended up with over 5 screenshots. This has happened before, and will probably continue to happen.

That is how I learned to crack the code and see it for myself. A friend on facebook, who is a computer guru- proved to me, in real time... that anything uploaded to the internet can eventually be accessed.

And anything can be passed around. I am not computer savy... I can edit pictures, and do basic html. I know people can send and spread things around... via 4chan, emails, and message boards. I had never heard of until people told me Gabi was posting pictures and things about me there. I think someone saw my personal information, did screen shots and it was passed around some. I dont have many enemies in the community, but I do know there are some sick people- mentally. I know there are at least 3 people who would pay to know where I live- for real. Stalkers happen in this business.

And even when she asks mutual friends for money... I still wish her no harm.
I might have said some mean things in my blog. I do know Gabi is an ugly person, inside and out. That is my opinion. I never asked people to harass her, and I never linked my blog to anything but a few friends on facebook. I also sent out mass IMs on yahoo about my blog, which I do once in awhile. this blog isn't just about her... I started it in hope I could talk about makeup. This is my blog, and it is about my life. I will continue to share bits of my life.

I never posted my blog on sites like fantasyfeeder, or dimensions, or curvage. Other people took it upon themselves to do that, and when I could I removed the content. I do not police every site though, and am not responsible for what other sites do.

To the persons who tell her to lose weight, or to die in a fire... shame on you.

They are, however, entitled to their opinion. When you post pictures on the internet, or anything really- you are putting it out there for people to comment on.

I am not sorry for talking shit about Gabi. If I were face to face with her I would do the same thing. I am not afraid of her. She took something from me.

I ended up being punished for my good deed. I had to pay for things to be fixed, or babysat on myside. I had to moderate fantasyfeeder more. People see how petty I can be. I was losing business, but now am back on track.

I had to explain certain things like having a stalker when I was 15, and that I hate being called a liar.

I have learned to make sure when you work with someone you dont really trust... get everything in writing. Get the payments marked out clear, and cut ties with those who fall behind in payments. Do not bend over backwards to help someone out. Do not sign anything that might leave an open loop. Keep records.

The biggest thing I have learned comes in 2 parts... when the kid in the back of the class eats paste and says he has a belly ache- there is no need to point out he ate paste. What I mean by that is- Gabi is not liked by many, at all. Some people really didn't need more reasons to dislike her...basically most people now think poorly of me for making fun of the retard. Sometimes you do it... you make fun of someone... but to continually point out all flaws in someone is so tiring and lame. It is like saying, "that is what she said..." after each sentence.

It was shocking she would do this... not once but twice. I had so much help... from my lawyer who explained I could take her to civil court, if she has a permanent address... to the private investigator who explained what she did was like writing a phone number in a bathroom stall. And even my personal friend, who helped me with cracking codes, and the guy on the phone who explained that I needed to babysit my credit.

So, no I dont feel bad that she had to delete her real facebook because I posted her first and last name.
NO, I dont feel bad she has gotten some hateful e-mail, comments and remarks.
No, I dont feel bad for asking for an apology. My life was literally in danger, and all she did was insult me further.

I saw how many people were willing to help me, with screen shots and removing all the posts with my personal information. I was excited to make new friends, even if we were bonding over the fact that the same person took advantage of us.
I am not sorry for anything, really...

I forgave her, and I let her drag me back into it... That I am sorry about. I should not have been so emotional about being called a liar.

I am sorry I let this affect my personal relationships with my friends, and family. I am sorry I let this affect my relationship with my boyfriend, and I am sorry I let this affect me at my regular job.
I am sorry for the drama, and for trying to call out someone who everyone dislikes anyways.

Now, I no longer know a Gabi, or Ingrid. I no longer have any idea about this situation. I am done, and free from it.I am over it and I have moved on... and no amount of refusing to apologize, or name calling will get be back into it. I made a promise, to myself... and I am done.

Love and Light
Sugar and Spite...

"Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head."
-- Ann Landers

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coo Coo, Cachoooo AKA WTF

Some of you know what has happened to me recently. Some of you do not.
My personal info was posted on a website, and people had access to it.
Sure, they said it was limited access- but I cracked it. I watched someone else crack it, and I have proof more then who it was intended for actually saw it.

Here is the back story.

Long ago before I had moved to Colorado, there was a site I thought about working with- or something like that.
Dave and Kat, are the owners. They suggest as I was new to the scene to get to know some of the models. I talked to Destiny Desires a bit, and Gabi.
After I had booked my flight I saw on youtube a video of Gabi begging for help- she had oxygen and whatnot.

I sent her money and she called me. She never thanked me, and I brought up the fact that I was going to Florida, to shoot with her producer and webmaster.
She went off about how she was sick because they made her work in a swamp with mosquitoes.... and how she had to work like 14 hour shifts when they wanted her to work, she said she was woken up numerous times...ect.
Just basically that it was bad and I should wait awhile.

So I never went down and stayed in contact with her via myspace.
Then I was visiting the boyfriend for awhile, and this was clear back in like June of last year. She demanded to meet me and hang out, and left a voicemail saying it was hard to like be the only gaining girl in Colorado, no one understood her, ect. So I called her back, and said I would be cool with hanging out with her too, to get to know someone in the area. She literally lived like 10 blocks from my boyfriends parents house.

She said she wanted to split the cab fair, and show me how to us the bus system here.
She said she wanted to split things.
I ended up paying for the cab, and the ice cream... I ended up taking her shopping, and we had lunch and drinks... yea. Close to 400 bucks later she shows me where to buy a bus ticket.
She said she would pay me back, but didn't have cash. Whatever, when I hang out with people I never expect them to pay.

I let it go, she sent me a model release form.
She insisted I work for her, as she was honest and I would not get a better deal then she could give me. She had some of her other models contact me and tell me about how awesome it was to work with her, ect.
I signed, and she came over to hang out.
I ordered Chinese for us. We made some videos, I did her hair/makeup, clothes and took pictures for her. She said she doesn't pay her photographers, and if I wanted to make money doing it I could- BUT she would charge me for taking my pictures.
I never have a straight up photographer- The boyfriend and his ex had a super bad experience and he already has a job- know what I mean?
So anyways she ended up ruining my carpet by rubbing rice and some red sauce into it, she ripped my clothes, and I had to throw away all the make up she touched.
Not a big deal, but when it came time for her to leave she gave me 25 bucks cash.
She agreed to pay me 25 bucks cash a set, and we had done 3 sets that day for me. I did one on my bed, smoking and another one in pigtails.
I also bought balloons for her to pop on my floor, an underwater camera, food and of course weed. I never asked her to pay for those things.

She was on my porch and was yelling at one of my neighbors, telling them they could stare at her all they wanted- they were outside cooking on the grill, not staring at her- they are gay anyways. She even high fived a homeless man... and wanted me to do it too. Besides all the shit she talked about all the other models I know... I had to tell her to stop more then once, as she was pretty fucking rude and saying really mean things about people I care about. She showed me paper work for the times she has been in jail- for check fraud and other things.
Coookie, right?

Okay so like in October, just a week after she gave me 25 bucks, once again saying she would pay me up next time, a 50 for those 2 other sets.
She was calling me at all hours, leaving mean messages. She was upset I did not answer my phone from like 5 pm my time until 10 am. Colin gets home around 6, and I liked to spend time with him.
I told her I no longer wanted to work with her, as I should be making more then 25 bucks for 100 pictures.

I had to call the cops, I had no choice.
She was threatening to post me personal information online, because I refused to respond to her millions of texts, calls and IMs.

So the police came to my house and read the texts, messages and IMs. They called her and told her to not threaten me, leave me be and not post anything about me anymore. They told her to delete my phone number and not bother me. They said the same thing to me.

I followed those directions.

She continually had people sending me messages, her one model sent me millions about if I just apologized it would be okay, and Gabi would let me work for her again.

I did not go to a Bash because of her, I dropped out of the local NAAFA here because I could not be in the same room as her.

I ignored it forever.
When she would post on places like bbwclubs, which is where this happened... she would say things like my best friend Amatrix, or at my apartment with Amatrix.... or here is another recent update from my girl Amatrix.

Bitch please. I have not seen her or talked to her in like 6 months.
My boyfriend pays the bills here, not her. This is his, and her and I were never friends really. I felt bad for her because everyone told me not to be her friend, she was insane and treated people like crap. I was new in town and wanted to make friends, we hung out a total of 3 times. 2 times it was for sets, and contract work- the first time I paid for an awesome afternoon for us- ice cream, lunch, drinks, shopping, cabs...ect. I had to tell her more then once to stop texting me, I was working/spending time with family/didn't have time to do whatever she wanted.

It was bad for my clips4sale because she acted like these were new updates, and I was thinner in them- a good 30 pounds at least. People started to doubt me, and said I was a fake.
I would simply respond that I was no longer her model, I was never paid and I had a c4s.

So I had a wild hair up my bum, with a couple beers and some smoke *not an excuse, but I didn't care...* I wrote on one of her posts about me that I was never paid, and I was so thin in those pictures... I said she was false advertising because I am NO longer her model, no longer that thin, and no longer her friend due to her business action.

She fired back saying I was a lair.

Someone on bbwclubs named Kev asked to see the model release, and she posted it.
I was asleep, and heard my phone ringing off the hook. I thought something was wrong with the boyfriend.

So I checked my phone and had over 50 calls from all over the world... a few voice mails that were creepy as shit, and a few threatening me.
Literally telling me they were going to cut my throat, and junk.
I was freaked because I had a stalker when I was younger who parked in front of my house, and my cat ended up missing. It was a horrible thing for me to go through, as I was 15 and alone. I did not leave my house, and I was scared to call the police.

So anyways someone called me and left me a voicemail, and her name is Sammie. She said she had this happen to her as well, on the same forum and she was so sorry. She said to flag my credit, and call the police... she read me my personal info, my name and my address, ect.
I called her back as she was really the only person who was nice to me, and she emailed me a link to the post.
I could not see the post, but after a little bit of work, basically I just took out some of the html... it brought up the image of my model release.

So I puked a few times as I was mortified.

I contacted the site and no one returned my messages, for a few hours. I begged for help on facebook, and people sent me gobs of screen caps.

When Gaining Goddess finally removed the post, I sent her a message about it, thanking her.

Called the police who didn't help me much, just suggest a restraining order.

Called my lawyer who said I had to pay XXXXXX amount before he touched this.

When they finally returned my messages on bbwclubs, they were like- only models can see that post and they have better things to do then to call you.
They called me a lair and told me I needed to stop accusing Gabi of stealing my pictures, even though I had admitted I signed the release- She made me, I would not have gotten the 25 bucks if I had not signed it...* I admitted to them I was paid 25 bucks, ect.

They told me to take it up with her.
I asked why she was still allowed to post on the boards, because the rules say if you post someones personal info you can and will be banned with no choice.

They said they asked for it, and I brought up the fact this has happened before, Via Sammie who called me.

They said she used poor judgment.

I said... um if this has happened before then there should be some like additional thing to it, like when you do ask for a model release, ask them to blur out the important stuff, or simply send it in an email attachment instead of an image GIF that anyone can access.
I am livid she is still posting there.

I get to flag my credit line, and deal with that.
I get to change my number and thank god I dont have to move yet.
I have people harassing me at my personal and profession email, because of this.

Do you know how easy it is to get a Social Security number?...I do now. :(
Someone really only needs your signature and name, they can look up your birth-date, get a birth certificate and BAM... mail that in and you have a new SS card.

So yay.
I am basically fucked.

That is most of the story, I left out some mean things that are insulting to her, and other models.

LOL, sorry for so long of a story but you can see that I admitted to kinda egging her on via bbwclubs thread/forums.
But... I never said anything mean. I never said she was a bad person. I never said anything rude. People knew I didn't like her, and whenever she was brought up I would let people talk, I would not say anything.

I mean basically I was letting my friends and fans know- I am fatter now, those are older pictures, I no longer am a model at her site, and I was never paid/now I am getting paid.
None of it is a lie, if it was... I went through a buncha crap so I could make her look bad.

Why would I ever want that?
Whenever I have had an issue with someone who I no longer get along with, I say stay out of my way and I will do the same.

I do know if I see her in public now I can not hold my tongue. I know I missed a bash because she was going, and I decided to not go to the last one in Jersey do to her being there.

I was afraid if I had started drinking, or she looked at me funny... I would kicked her ass and I dont think spending a weekend in jail is worth her.

Now... if I see her she had better start moving fast.
She put my life in danger by letting people know where I live, sure my building is secure but you just have to wait. I have been locked out of my apartment, and you need one electronic key to get in. I waited and someone let me in... happens all the time.

I have people calling me and leaving threats....
People now see my legal name and signature... anyone can copy it.
My SS number is out there too.

So because I disagreed with her in a public forum, in a thread about me with pictures I was never paid for... I dont get to ever buy a house, get a car, get a loan for school...I get harassed, and bullied.

She is a vile woman, and karma has kicked her down once before. I know what I did to her was not right, I should have kept my mouth shut... but did my crime of disagreeing with her deserve this punishment?

What do you think?

Here is proof she posted my personal stuff online, this is one of the many screen caps I have.
Of course I am going to blur out my personal info, but not her face. I am also going to post up a picture of her and I, when she was at my house.

Here she is at my house, on my bed. I tried to have a big fat smile, all the while I kinda wanted her to leave. I did her makeup, which was easy. Hot pink with dark purple creases. We both wore kryolan this day, she work UV Pink and I wore the Silver.

Here is one of the screen caps... she did this twice. She posted this twice! Not once... but twice.

I know... shitty screen cap. I blurred it so you can not see my personal info, but I can retype what she says- because if she thinks she has the right to post my information, I can retype what she has said on record- aka a complaint on a public forum.

Topic: Admin You Need To Look At This
With and attachment.

Hey Admin,
Amatrix has beem posting on the board that I am false advertising, slandering my name and that I do have permission to post pictures for advertising or marketing purposes, I am not sure how else to go about this, but to clear it up for everyone, I am attaching the model release to clear the issue up immediately. If you also need me to attach the photographer release, that she signed as well during that time, I have no issue doing so as well. All the photos that I have posted on my site have a model release signed by Amatrix.

As well I paid her in cash for the photos, however after speaking with my legal counsel, he explained because there is no payment contract in place between her and I, there is nothing legal she can do.

If you have other questions please me a personal message here. Thank you



  • Funny because I had posted a reply to MY pictures in a PUBLIC forum, she goes into the admin where I can not see her postings.
  • Instead of having her friends send me another message, or being a woman about it- and sending me something along the lines of -- please stop posting, I am trying to be civil, or lets work things out... she posts lies.
  • She was/is false advertising, and has been. On Fetlife she has a picture I took of her on MY bed, and she says it is her bed. She calls me her model still... even thought her and I have parted ways long ago. She claims it is her apartment in other forums or posts, or that I am her friend still. She also posts about it being a recent update... Those pictures were taken months ago, back in October. I have a different body shape now.
  • She was hurting MY business with these posts, as I had customers come to me and ask why I had lost weight, why I was faking this, and why didn't I talk about my friend Gabi. People buy my items because of how I look and act, when she posted these I had taken a hit every-time on my income due to these. I simply was responding to let people know her and I no longer work together, I was never paid in full, and I am a different size now. It was tedious and complicated to do this every time she had an update about me.
  • Slander by definition is used in transitional media, Liable is in written media. I had never made a video, or a post about the wrongs she did to me until now. She says slander, but her "legal" counsel needs to check on that, as Liable would be more suited if I had committed Liable.
  • Liable is written defamation, which if I had done was not true. I said I no longer worked with her, that contract is only good for a year, and it has been 6 months + from the last time I saw her. The contract will be void in a year, but until then- She has no proof I have worked with her recently. I never said her business was shit, I never said anything about her personally, and I never took a cheap shot at her in written form. Usually for a liable claim whatever I have typed or said would have had to been a straight out lie, not always but most of the time. I never said anything that was a lie. I have no reason to lie. I was never paid fully for my pictures and she earning financially because of my pictures, my name and my ideas. I no longer work for her, and I am no longer her model, and I was never her friend- she has no proof otherwise.
  • I never said she did not have permission to post my pictures... I simply said I was never paid for them and it is not fair she has posted them. I admitted more then once to everyone that I did in fact sign that release, I just disagreed with her posting pictures she never paid for. I know what a contract is.
  • She says she paid me in cash. I was paid 25 bucks for a set. I stopped working for her because I could be making 4 times that much. I admit I was paid 25 bucks cash- but never was never paid for the other 2 sets. I am a model, she was the photographer. It was her job to tell me what she wanted and then for me to do it, then she was supposed to pay me. It was not my job to make sure light was good, or that she had enough pictures. That was on her, and her site. I was just the model. She has no proof she paid me at all, but I admit she paid me for one set. I took a total of 3 sets in the course of our business agreement, one of which I was paid for- she has no legal proof besides what she says she did.
  • I suggested not once, but twice as I was signing the paperwork that she and I also add on to that, she is not allowed to sell my pictures at a later date, she is going to pay me cash for every set, 25 dollars cash for 80-100 pictures, and that she will use her judgment when using my pictures for marketing and advertising. I was very shocked when she told me she would not add those, because we were friends and nothing bad will happen. Of course I had to sign if I wanted the 25 bucks for the first set, or I would get nothing and she would still have my pictures. I made a fatal mistake, I trusted her and her words, instead of my gut and my brain.
  • She says her legal counsel says there was no payment agreement, okay. But it is illegal to post something in a way you will receive monetary compensation for someone Else's ideas, logos, names, or trademarks. That is like taking a song from Lady Gaga, and selling it on a CD of songs you made, saying you have the rights to it is foolish. She is basically earning money off of me, my face, my body, my design, my idea, my name- and I get nothing in return.
  • I could actually and legally sue her. Not just for releasing my private info online, but because she can not keep records of the money she has paid. I know she would not like Uncle Sam to know she also has not claimed certain things, or complied with U.S.C. 18 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance with any of her models. She is literally breaking the law. i would hate to have this happen to someone else, or have one of her models get into trouble because she is not complying with the law.
  • And there is proof she has posted personal info about me online.
So, what do I do now?

Well when I was told to not contact her any longer I deleted her address and phone number. I have friends who are more then willing to help me get these back.

I can get a restraining order for her, and if anything happens I can sue her then.
I can sue her for breach on contract, aggravation, harassment, ect.

What have I done? Nothing really... I mean she threatened to do this, and then did. I was told by the police in my area that her doing this is JUST like someone giving out my number at the mall. This is not criminal activity, it is civil.
The people who have called me and threatened me... the police said I can also take out restraining orders on them- if I have the time and the money.

I would have to miss work, and find a way to the court house. I would have to get these people's addresses as well... and some of the people who have called and threatened or harassed me live as far away as Germany. I have a few jobs that keep me busy here. I have no time to write here, but alas I have had to take some time off from work due to being so emotionally wrecked about this, so I thought I might get it out once and for all.

I have to flag and check my credit, bank accounts and things of that nature daily.

I have to change my number, pay for that expense as well- or ignore those who have called.

I have to carry pepper spray with me, and make sure my doors are locked. I was up the first night until like 5 am, because I kept having to check the door.

I could post like her number, right now. I could post chat logs of when she was rude and talked crap about EVERYONE to me... I can post how she is a fake and liar. I can post about how she has done wrong to so many other people...I could even post some personal pictures of her.

But I wont... I am so angry and hurt over this. I am going to rise above her and her childish games. I am going to keep being me and I will notice the day karma decides to drop her a visit. I will no longer be a victim.

She can type up whatever she wants, and have her say... but everyone knows better. I am not the first person she has fucked over, and sadly enough I will not be the last.

She might have her side... where she talks about how I refused to take her calls, or about how I am difficult to get a hold of. There is really nothing else she can say... But, what really was going through her mind? Maybe she doesn't get what she did, or knows she fucked up major- but in reality she owes me a HUGE apology, and in my opinion monetary damages because I have to clean this mess up and the 25 bucks she paid me is not going to cover anything.

Maybe she is THAT stupid? Maybe she honestly did not know better...doesnt mean I should be punished for her stupidity, or inadequate business practices.

Maybe she is jealous because I dont work for her, and I am a great model. Maybe she is jealous my boyfriend turned her down numerous times she messaged him. Maybe she is sad that I make more money in a week then she has all year. Maybe she is sad she has to fish for compliments, and gifts from people... while I am pretty sure it is raining bitches on my side of the grass, and I am no weatherman. Maybe she is angry I am not her friend because she is socially awkward and misplaced. Or maybe she was angry I never did anything with her, as she says she is Bi-curious.

I thank all my friends who sent me screen shots, called me to make sure I was okay, and lent moral support.

So we need a song to go with how I feel about this situation.
I am pretty sure I feel like this song, lyrics after the jump for reference.

Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form Of Flattery

"Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery"

There's no rules today.
You steal instead of borrow.
You take all the shapes that I make.
And you think
That you thought
All the thoughts
That I thought you,
Don't you?
Mutilation's the most
Sincere form of flattery.
If you want to be me,
Then stand in line like the rest.
Now, do you know what I mean?
The young get less bolder
The legends get older
But I stay the same
As long as you have less to say
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you too
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Rebels without applause
I sell my shadow to those
Who are standing in it
They think I would
Bitch about them
Thinking they are
The shit
When they can't
Even step
In it
The young get less bolder
The legends get older
But I stay the same
As long as you have less to say
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you too
The young get less bolder
The legends get older
But I stay the same
As long as you have less to say
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you too
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
So yes, Gaining Gabi, AKA Ingrid Snyder.... FUCK YOU.
You wanted to be like me, and you stole from me.
You know you did.
You dont create, you destroy.
Karma and I will not let you forget this.
I am going to post this wherever I can, and anyone reading this has every right to cross post this, and tell everyone else about it.
You always talk about how you are a good person... in reality you are sad and alone. You are such a horrible person, ugly inside and out.

That is how I deal with people. I let others know the truth and watch as they hang themselves.
I will not respond to her, or her comments- if she chooses to post a response on her blog or her site... awesome.
I would love to read it. I would love to see how she could think this was all a good idea, see her reasoning.
Everyone I know... they all know her as well. They all warned me and told me to stay away from her period. I am sorry I did not listen to you, and I am sorry it came to this. No one threatens me, and puts me in danger. No one should get away with this... ever. People need to know and be protected.
And that is the end folks!